Que Advisors can assist in developing goals, objectives, and strategies to enable your organization to manage, mitigate or operate within specified and desired parameters. We help by providing tools you can use to grow your business.

In the real world, a myriad of challenges and uncertainties exist on a daily basis. As such, we subscribe to the view that risk management is a holistic activity and modeling is but one part of your activities. We can assist you in deconstructing the underlying positions created by complex hard assets, complicated contracts, financial derivatives, simple swaps and other events in order to better understand the risk interrelationships that exist in the portfolio, Our efforts help ensure that the resulting net risk position has been evaluated in a consistent manner.

To help define and return criteria, we utilize an academically consistent methodology to establish and quantify the risk tolerance of a management or executive team that can facilitate delegation of decision-making.

Our enterprise framework helps you develop structural and stochastic models and perform analyses that consider the following factors:

  • Market – commodity outright price changes, concentration and collateral, credit ratings, credit, defaults, liquidity, locational basis, quality of product price differentials, transportation and transmission costs/prices.
  • Operating – asset reliability, equipment availability, forced outage metrics, heat rate, storage costs, past asset performance, ramp times, site/asset limitations, start costs, transportation availability, transportation interruptions.
  • Operational – data integrity, knowledge management, model reliability, people, process limitations, skills development, succession planning, technology systems.
  • Regulatory – changes in law, compliance, effective process participation, market structure changes, new initiatives, policy changes.
  • Business – competition, market entry, merger and acquisition, new projects, public relations, strategy.
  • Legal – changes in export/import paradigm, legal framework changes, labor action, land acquisition, tax issues/reform.